when fiber met canvas

December 8, 2019

m k santos

Chapter one.  How fiber met canvas.   I fell in love with weaving when I was 9 watching an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.  The theme of the episode was interweaving, both with fibers and music.  

Watching the beautiful pattern being birthed from two connecting threads transfixed me.  The images planted themselves in my imagination and waited.  I never crossed paths with a weaver, or perhaps in my distracted life, I forgot to look.

28 years and many careers later, I moved to northwest suburbs of Detroit and by fate or happy accident, I found a weaving studio right in the town I was living in.  I remember coming home from my first class at about 9:30 at night on fire!  I was going to learn the magic.   I couldn't sleep...the 9 year old in me kept waking me up...tugging at my sleepshirt, "Come on, lets make something, anything RIGHT NOW!"

I scrounged for belongings to sell to buy my first loom.  I still have it!  Works as good as the first day.  It's a Schacht Baby Wolf Jack Loom in cherry wood (just like the one I was using in the weaver's studio).  

The other big expense in weaving is yarn...can't weave without it.  I got a job at the weaver's studio shop, that helped to feed my yarn habit, and let's not forget the books!  As an already an insatiable reader, great weaving books are not helping the budget.

And that is is how it began.