M k Santos 


For most of her life, Mary K. Santos has pursued a creative path.  Beginning in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, her music career peaked with a personal goal of creating a solo album, sharing a personal and intimate window into her life.  The project went on to become a critically acclaimed work in the genre of Americana.

Shortly after this time, Mary was introduced to handweaving and later had the opportunity to learn shaft-switching rug weaving at the Collingwoood Workshop in 2 resident study programs in Essex, Great Britain.  She developed the brand, Soulwraps, as a vehicle to bring handwoven textiles to the market.  Focusing on the National Parks, her unique textiles were featured at the Gift Shops of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park and Red Rock National Conservation Area.
In 2014, Mary shifted her creative focus into painting.  Having reunited with an early love of drawing, she began exploring various combinations of wet and dry mediums culminating in the eco-surrealist style she is currently pursuing.


Laying a foundation of watercolor wash, Mary builds layers of elements.  Each layer becoming more detailed then the layer below.  The play of light, especially  transparency, is something expressed in many of the works.  The human eye features prominently in many of the works as she finds the "window of the soul" an a way to suggest a primal memory of connectedness-reminding one that we are all part of the natural world.  

(New) Handwoven Fine Art

 Explorations into her two loves:  painting and weaving.